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One Year Supply for one person if taken daily. One bottle is enough to do the entire family.

Dosage: 3 Drops 3 times for one day. Thereafter, 1 drop daily as a maintenance.

Contraindications: NONE. Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This remedy is both a detox and a treatment programme. It assists the body to eliminate Aspartame (which the body cannot usually deal with unaided), as well as Antibiotics from your body.   Aspartame (the very toxic artificial sweetener) and Antibiotics are two of the main causes of a Candida Overgrowth. You will never completely resolve your Candida issue as long as the cause of it is still present within the body. It is for this reason that elimination diets to try and correct the balance never usually work. At the most you feel a relief of symptoms whilst avoiding all sugars and taking probiotics, but as soon as you have your usual diet again, all the symptoms are back with a vengeance. Sadly, for most this situation continues for many years, whilst your health is continually deteriorating and your energy depleted.


This remedy also assists your body to correct the balance of Candida's in your body, which is why you do not need to do an elimination diet or make any specific dietary changes. Simply take the drops as indicated on the label. It is a one-day treatment programme and the ongoing 1 drop every day afterwards is purely a preventative measure until you have reached a stage where you are not taking in any artificial sweeteners into your body.


Candida grows like a cobweb over your intestinal walls in you GI Tract and has a suffocating effect. As you consume foods and supplements, your intestinal walls are so clogged up that your body cannot retrieve the nutrients successfully, which leads to you being malnourished. This is in part why you feel like eating, even though you are not hungry. Your body is just wanting food all the time as it is lacking in nutrients. Signs of malabsorption can also be seen on the nails as longitudinal ridges. If you have these it is also a clear indication that you have poor Absorption.

The Absorption remedy will help to bring absorption online quicker and is a good remedy to follow through on alongside cleaning up Candida overgrowth and Worms. It assists in balancing the Liver, Gallbladder, Stomach, Spleen, Colon and Lungs, as well as the Meridians for these organs and also assists in correcting Liver Enzyme Balance and Bowel Flora Balance. It is like giving an engine a good oil to help things run smoothly. It helps to strengthen our bodies, as our constitution becomes very low and depleted when we have had Candida overgrowth for a long period of time. I feel this one a must-do to help build up your immunity and vitality again.

Candida overgrowth is the biggest cause (in my opinion) of poor Gut Health. Once your digestive system is not functioning optimally, your immune system is weakened, your emotions are affected (leading to moodiness, irritability, depression and even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for some).   An unhealthy gut also leads to Hormone and Thyroid imbalances. Candida overgrowth often leads to blood sugar imbalances and for many this will result in Type II Diabetes, which is then often corrected by clearing the overgrowth. I usually recommend clearing Candida, waiting 2-3 weeks and repeating the blood tests to see whether you are completely clear of diabetes. Ensure that you drink enough water whilst your body is dealing with the Candida overgrowth, as Candida's do release toxins when they die off and this can result in you feeling tired, having headaches, etc. Not everyone experiences these symptoms, but if they do suddenly appear, keep up your water intake, it will pass. It is fine to have sugar while you are taking the remedy, but if you do, I recommend unrefined sugar and in moderation, as an excess of sugar is not healthy.

For more symptoms of Candida overgrowth, read through Gut Health and also refer to the Home Test for Candida Overgrowth to test yourself and your family. Alternatively, you can book in for a Gut Healch Check for $20.

Another must-read is the Article on The Dangers of Aspartame. You can only really avoid it once you are fully aware of what products contain it.

The Candida remedy is one of the main Five Gut Health treatments available which assist to restore optimal gut health and maintain it. The other four are Flukes, Worms, Fungi and Absorption.


This is a Bio-energetic Remedy, delivered homeopathically in an alcohol base.

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