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Adults - $80

Children under 12 - $40


A consultation lasts for approximately half hour.

You will be required to complete a short registration form on commencement of the appointment. This will be kept under lock and key according to the Privacy Act of 1993, and no other person will have access to your records without your written consent.

If you at any time want to send me any extra info regarding your health/concerns that you have only thought of after you have made the booking, simply email these through to me, stating your name, contact number and when your appointment is so that it is easy for me to tie it to the right person..;) Generally the more info I have beforehand the better, as it means we can spend the time more productively during your consultation.

We will discuss the health concerns you currently have, and do whatever tests are relevant to your complaint. If there are specific tests relevant to your condition, these are included in the cost of the consultation. I also gather a lot of information from looking at nail signs, facial signs, etc. if I need to. Once I have established what your health picture/concerns are and collected all relevant information, I work out a treatment plan and a way forward for you to reclaim your health. A lot of issues are in actual fact really simple to correct, once you understand the link or the root cause.

If for any reason you think your consultation will take longer than 30 minutes, it is best to book a double consultation, as I have appointments booked at one-hour slots (the half hour after your appointment is for me to make any final notes that I need to regarding your appointment, and to prepare for the next person that is booked in). A single consultation is usually ample time though. If you are unsure, feel free to contact me to discuss.

If your health issue is outside of my scope of practice I will refer you on to someone who is qualified to deal with your issues. I will usually pick this up already from the info you provide when you book the appointment, and in such a case will notify you immediately, and pass you on to the relevant person that will be able to assist you.

Consultation fees are exclusive of remedies, herbs or supplements – these are an additional cost.

I do have EFTPOS facilities onsite.

Consultations days as follows:

Pukekohe           -              Mon, Tues, Thurs

Tauranga             -              Wed

Other days          -              Refer to Events Calendar

I am local to Pukekohe (South of Auckland), but over weekends I travel to various shows all over the country – both North and South Island.   I also do appointments before events in the different towns that I travel to. Please refer to Events Calendar to determine when I am in your area next. If you would like to book an appointment, but I do not usually visit your area, please refer to Mobile Services for more information.

Skype consultations also done at the same cost. Note however, that I obviously cannot do any testing during Skype consultations, so I rely on the information that you give me, symptoms, and looking at your facial signs. Please do not book Skype consultations online, but rather contact me directly to set up a suitable day and time as I need to ensure that I have a good internet connection for Skype.

I would generally set up the appointments at the motel that I am staying at, and for this reason only book in lady clients for consultations outside of my local area (only due to the fact that it is a motel room and I would prefer to eliminate any possible rumours). If you are a gentleman and would like to book an appointment outside of the show, you are most welcome but you will need to bring either a lady companion or one of your children with you to the appointment. Alternatively, I can also see you during show hours, which are not full consultations (and therefore no consultation fee – you only pay for tests done), but you can still greatly benefit as I have treated many people successfully just through seeing them at shows.  

Refer to the Events Calendar to see when I will be in or near your town next. If your town is not listed as one of the ones that I frequently visit, refer to Mobile Services for other options.

Once you have booked the consultation, I will email you the address for the appointment.

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