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Flukes (Flat Worms)

Blood Fluke… Liver Fluke… Lung Fluke… there are more…


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Are they moving through your bloodstream to your organs and

Causing your health issues?


     You can become infected from rivers and streams, animals, soil and from the food you eat. Ever noticed a bit of a skin rash after swimming (called swimmer’s rash), or on your feet after walking through a stream? A rash often occurs at the site where the larvae entered through the skin, but quite often we ingest them too.


Distended Belly… Foul Smelling Gas… Foul Smelling Breath… Loss of Appetite… Or Excessive Hunger… Itchy Anus… Nausea/Vomiting… Mucous and/or Blood in the Stool… Constipation and/or Diarrhoea… Itchy Skin Rash… Swelling Around the Eyes… Dark under the Eyes… Bloating… Cramping… Weight Gain or Unexplained Weight Loss… Unstable Moods… Irritability…


Do you suspect that you might have them? Let’s have a look…

Symptoms of infestation…


Are many and varied… Depending on where in the body and into which organs they have imbedded themselves. The picture above left is of a lung fluke embedded into the lung tissue.. and Liver Fluke to the right.


Coughing… Bronchitis… Tiredness… Itching… Lesions can form in the lungs, liver and brain… In the brain it is called encephalitis. When present in the intestinal wall symptoms can include abdominal pain, diarrhoea and dysentery… Those in the central nervous system, depending on their location, can cause seizures… Liver and gallbladder problems when liver flukes are present… Nausea… Hives… Malaise… Decreased Appetite…

Don’t let them cause Cancers and Disease in your body.


Flukes travel through the bloodstream and enter into the organs, causing damage to the organs over a period of time. When this occurs, we start having symptoms in those compromised organs, and are often not even aware that it is parasites causing the damage. Typical symptoms of Lung Fluke can include having to constantly clear the throat, as if there is something there to be cleared (well, there most likely is), or an irritating little cough that is persistent and does not go away. These are common symptoms of Lung Fluke. For others, Lung Fluke can cause more serious symptoms, such as breathing difficulty (Asthma symptoms), recurrent Lung infections, recurring bronchitis or pneumonia. Having a Fluke infestation can also lead to tiredness. When present in the Lymphatic System the lymph nodes in your armpits can become tender, and your Lymphatic System will generally feel sluggish. Flukes in the Kidneys can lead to blood pressure problems, as the Kidneys regulate blood pressure. The Kidneys also play a part in healing bone and soft tissue, and when compromised, cannot fulfil this function effectively – i.e. the body simply cannot heal itself optimally when Flukes are present.

Whenever there is disease of any of the organs, it is good to check for the presence of Flukes. If you are unsure whether you have a Flukes infestation, you can book for the Gut Health Check for $20 to find out.

The Flukes remedy does not kill the eggs, and therefore the minimum period of 3 weeks for taking the drops is crucial, otherwise you will end up with a massive  Flukes infestation again in no time. If you are high risk, it is best to take the drops continually. Walking through rivers, streams, and lakes or swimming in these will put you at high risk for Flukes. Other risk factors are consuming rainwater, borehole water or spring water, contact with animals, general rural living, and gardening (especially if you do not wear gloves). If you are high risk for Flukes, then I recommend taking 1 drop daily continually to protect yourself against these invaders.

The remedy is suitable for pets too, as they easily pick up Flukes from outside. I have had a lady contact me with a very ill cat to ask whether she can give her Flukes drops to her cat. She then contacted me a week later to say after she had given the drops to her cat, and her cat became healthy again. Flukes can indeed make animals very ill, as is the case with cattle and sheep also.

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